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The bad habits that cause breast ptosis

The lower edge of the breast and torso surface are hinged, and the place is called submammary fold. In general, especially young women, the horizontal position of nipple is above submammary fold. If it under the position, it is the so-called breast sagging. The more severe the drop, the lower the fall. What are the bad habits that can cause sagging breasts in our daily life?

  1. Excessive dieting to lose weight
    Lose weight by cut down food often causes body in a state of starvation. The internal environment of the human body has been destroyed, and body redistribute on the new internal environment which will mobilize the body’s stored fat and protein to supply the body’s energy. Female breast is one of the main structure of human body, and its composition is mainly fat and collagen. Losing weight makes body fat reduce and chest fat also reduce. But the connection of pectoral muscle and breast connective tissue has not been reduced, so chest becomes smaller and begin to have breast ptosis.
  2. Washing chest with hot water
    Many people like to take a hot bath, especially women who prefer to use hot water to bath. So women must avoid using hot water to stimulate breast and body should not be soaked in hot water for a long time. This will burn the skin surface of the cuticle, which makes the skin more and more dry. This make the connective tissue of the breast more and more loose and led to sagging breasts.
  3. Bath method is wrong.
    Women can’t ignore the impact that bath on chest. Improper bath will may cause sagging breasts. In general, we need to use nozzle to wash chest from down to up which can make chest strong. Do not use DC water to flush the ligament of two shoulders. The position of the ligament is about the position of the shoulder strap. It is ligament plays a role in the chest lifting. Protecting ligament can prevent and delay the sagging phenomenon.
  4. Bra size
    Some women buy a bra for fear of ugly, and won’t try it on the spot. When she got home, she find the size is not suitable. Sometimes she doesn’t want to change it , so she will wear. In fact, wearing a small bra will affect the development of the chest, while wearing a big bra will lead to sagging breasts. With the change of age, marriage and birth, women’s breast size will change. At this time, you should buy a bra to adjust the size after trying it. When wearing a bra, it is not just button on the line. When you buy a bra, you should first button up the bra and then adjust straps. Bend body and hand the breast and the surrounding fat into the bra which can make the bra full. It can avoid fat outside of breast and avoid breast getting smaller and smaller.